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50% Capacity!

Since they started allowing 25% capacity, I can count the number of times I hit that 25% on one hand. That's all good to me. I feel like I need to ease myself into being a bartender again, ease myself into being busy again. 50% capacity starts today, putting me at ~24 people in the Pub (outside doesn't get counted, but I keep an eye on the spacing of groups in the courtyard to make sure no one's crowding anyone else.

Still not ready to host events yet, that will be a 100% capacity requirement for me. I want people to hang out here, but not TOO many people.

Also still hoping to expand at the end of my lease, looking into other Downtown Brem spaces to see if they'll suit the Pub. I have a real estate broker helping me, which is cool.

Also also, I applied for the PPP, and I got it! An extra $20k to help with my overhead costs, will really help. First order of business, taking a small/affordable vacation to try and regain my sanity. This pandemic has only reminded me more why I want the Pub to exist, we are not meant to be isolated people. Even when I don't like people, I love having people in the Pub who are enjoying themselves. I just want to be the eeyore that still gets invited out, except I'm inviting you out, but I don't want to 'hang' out, I just want to be around you.

Hopefully next blog post I have a better idea where we'll be moving the Pub, and how you can help, if you want!

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