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For Nate

I have a regular who has twice reminded me to update my blog and seeing as it was recently his birthday, this is my belated birthday present to him and whoever else reads this.

The new space is open! It's been open since May, I am SUPER behind, so I apologize, but I hope you come in soon if you haven't been in already!

The new space is so spacious; bathroomS with multiple stalls, a dishwasher, multiple rooms, and more pinball! Plus my favorite feature is the WALL of our 600+ games. Taps have expanded from 16 to 20 options, with Mead taking up a few of those new taps. There are also more non-alcoholic options and more food options!!

Events are slowly making their way to my calendar, from Neurodivergent Nights (next one is April 5th @ 7pm), to Pinball Tournaments, and the first Brewer's Night (2 Towns/Nectar Creek/Craftwell) in this space is also coming up on March 15th. Crafternoons are also making a comeback! We have 'My Life In Plants' coming to do a class on March 19th, and there's an open crafternoon every first Sunday.

I want to schedule another Nerd Crawl, but I feel so overwhelmed with life and work, I make no promises. I WILL schedule another Shakespeare: Star Wars Edition (I still have a few of the 1st books we read through if you want one!) I also welcome anyone who wants to host their own event here, so email me if you have an idea.

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