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Upcoming Events & Bremerton Water System Tour

So many events coming up! Today (10/26) we are showing Night of the Living Dead, courtesy of Dragonfly Cinema, who will also be selling concessions tonight! We are also doing a zombie costume contest before the movie starts.

Tomorrow is our weekly Pinball Tournament and Saturday is a Pre-Party for the Admiral's showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show! Thursday is a special Mac & Jack's Brewery Night with 12 Mac & Jack beers on tap, some you won't be able to get anywhere else, and maybe not even outside of this event.

Check our calendar for the full list of events!

I got the honor of going on a City of Bremerton Water System Tour today, typically reserved for brewer's, but they had enough space for me to attend too!

I was thrilled to learn that Bremerton's water quality is excellent! 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of Bremerton's water system. In 1917 it serviced the 1,700 people in Bremerton, now it delivers an average of 6.5 million gallons a day to over 55,000 people. Bremerton uses 60% of surface water and 40% ground water. Most impressively, Bremerton is one of a few surface supplies in the US that isn't required to build a water filtration plant. It was recognized by the American Water Works Association with an "Exemplary Source Water Protection" award earlier this year.

What does that mean for you? It means that not only is Bremerton's tap water of excellent quality, but the breweries in Bremerton have an easier time making beer, since the water used to make that beer is already excellent.

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