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I keep telling everyone two weeks...

I really do think it'll only be a couple weeks when I say it! This time I'll explain why I think it'll be two weeks (probably less!). We started getting our inspections taken care of, and they were going along swimmingly until we found out that we needed a potable water backflow preventer valve (say that five times fast). We have ordered the part, but it won't get here until Thursday, then we install, and we have someone inspect it. THEN we can call for our final inspection. Hopefully, we can install it Thursday night, have it inspected on Friday and then call for the final inspection on Monday. Once we pass the final inspection, we should be able to go get our Occupancy Permit, which will allow us to serve beer to the public!! As soon as we get the permit, we will softly open, and set the Grand Opening date.

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