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Things are looking up!

Along with getting a PPP Loan, I just found out I received a grant from the GSBA (Washington state's LGBTQ and allied chamber of commerce, and the largest LGBTQ chamber in North America) and it's enough to cover the first month's rent for the new space! I also found out I'm the first BIPOC Business listed in Rainbow Crew NW's List of Resources (See bottom of the page)


I'm reviewing the draft lease now, hoping to get keys by June 1st! I had initially planned for some cool upgrades that will have to wait until we have some more spending money, but the move will still happen. We will be going all ages, with a curfew for under 21 at 9pm. Too poor to add a kitchen, but in order to go all ages, we must provide food, so we will have frozen or shelf-stable food available for purchase/prep.

I'm looking forward to having bathrooms in the suite, and 2 stalls to each bathroom!

When things are more real, I'll have more info on what I need, but stay tuned!

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