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New Year!

Heavy Jeens monthly free posters

I hope for you it is a Happy New Year, but I find myself sinking into the anger/hate-everything stage of this depression.

Josh was bringing me dinner when he happened upon the freshly hung Heavy Jeens posters, I can't believe our luck! My Heavy Jeens wall will now proudly host 17 of her posters, and they all inspire differently, whether motivational or informative. They are reminders that there is still creativity, beauty, and generosity in the world, and people still want to share, no matter the cost, or share for free so we poor art lovers can still indulge. Understandably, this was the last free month for the foreseeable future, but I am contributing to the Heavy Jeens Patreon if you want to be cool like me too.

The Pub is doing ok right now, business is slow, but not dead, and the GoFundMe, Patreon, and Yard Sale have all helped give us a cushion for Winter and part of Spring. I love this community and will do everything I can to keep the Pub going and growing. I am still looking at expanding by moving, but without money for renovations, it's going to be slow. I have been looking into commercial real estate, but I'll likely need at least 10% down, so that would also take a bit.

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