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Moving Slowly but Surely

Sheila likes the new tile floors and I don't blame her one bit!

Sorry things have been so quiet, managing construction on top of a currently operating Pub is more stressful than I imagined. We hit some hiccups with contractors and the space that makes things take longer, but we WILL open sometime during 2022 AT THE LATEST! (I'm hoping it's not too far into 2022).

New Space Update: Knocked down over 100 ft of walls down and ripped up almost 4,000sq ft of carpet. We did 2 dump runs of 7,720 lbs of carpet, drywall, and insulation, and almost 1500lbs of metal have been disposed of/recycled. We've gone through 16 gallons of paint and I know I will be buying at least 2-3 more gallons. At the bottom, I've included a picture of all the tile that's been laid so far, but there's still more to come! Finishing floors, walls, and the bar are the next things on our list.

EVENTS! I'm not having any still, and I apologize for that too. It just seems irresponsible and more overwhelming with my small space and the Delta variant and whatnot. Hopefully, that'll change in the new space, but time will tell.

Business-wise, things are ok. Not too busy 90% of the week, Friday nights being the busiest, but steady enough. We will be doing a potluck on Thanksgiving, and you must be vaccinated to come.

Speaking of, I will soon have signage out that says you 'Must Be Vaccinated To Enter', we will be using the honor system because I understand people don't carry their vaccination cards on them at all times. Masks are and will still be required until the State/Health Dept deem it so.

Stay tuned for more pics/videos from the new space!

Tile donated by an awesome customer, thanks DG!

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