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Depression and Expansion

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

They sound like opposites, but they're currently walking hand-in-hand in my head. I try not to acknowledge the depression, but it's definitely there giving me the anxiety I need to procrastinate everything except the vital. I am doing just enough to keep myself, my family, and my Pub above water, but I am so tired. I guilt myself for all that I haven't done yet, and the guilt and the responsibility weigh heavier and heavier. I was hoping admitting my sadness in my last blog post would help me kick my butt in gear, but no luck. I'm trying to kick my butt into gear this week. Hopefully, it works.

As for actual expansion progress, I'm still working with my accountant's office to get 2019 cleaned up, but it is slow since I'm learning Quickbooks as I go. I've been getting quotes for things like a fancy double door, a new security system, flooring, appliances, etc. to get an idea of how much money I will need. I already have floor plans, but I've got to tweak them a little bit for the Health Dept, the Liquor Control Board, and the building permit office needs to see specific things pointed out. I'm still waiting to hear back from a food distributor so I can get a draft menu for the health dept and LCB. I'm trying to herd all my cats in a row, but it's slow going. Thanks for being patient on this journey with me!

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