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No more drinking inside the Pub starting the 30th. Thankfully it's summer so sitting in the courtyard is an option, but everything you can drink in the Pub, you can also drink in the comfort of your own home. Beers, ciders, mead, and non-alcoholic bottles and cans, as well as 32 and 64oz growlers if you want a beer/cider/mead from on tap. We also have gift cards, tote bags, and wooden puzzles if you to buy stuff instead of drinks.

Merch Link:

Gift Card Link:

List of Beverages in the Pub: If you want to know how I feel about all of this, then keep reading, but if you just wanted an update on the Pub's status, that's above. I'm sad. I'm stressed, and I'm starting to feel hopeless at the future of our country. The Pub is barely staying afloat, I have only been able to take one paycheck since March. I'm tired of all the anger and fighting everywhere, I want to do something to stop it, but I'm just trying to stay afloat from my own personal depression demons that don't want me to be productive. I share this not to get your pity, but in the hopes that it shows to those that need it that you're not alone. I'm still going to keep the Pub open, despite the risks. I want to be a lighthouse in this storm, just make sure you're wearing a mask when you visit this lighthouse. Next blog post I'll update on the expansion plans.

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