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Thanks for still following us!

I feel terrible that it's been so long! I'd love to offer you a deal as an apology, but that would be irresponsible of me right now. With that said, I'm not emailing you asking you to come in and buy stuff, BUT if you're healthy and able and WANT to buy some ciders, beers, meads, or tasty non-alcoholic, then the Pub is open 3-8pm every day. I realize that not everyone does Facebook so you may not be apprised of our situation. The Pub, as stated earlier, is open! For Take-Out only, but it's allowing us to pay most of our bills (as long as this doesn't last too much longer) with that and what we had saved. Kitsap County is hoping to enter 'Phase 2' where the Pub may then open at 50% of our 49 person occupancy in the next 2-3 weeks. I have also been planning on expanding the Pub to another suite in this building. It opens to the courtyard, so I wouldn't be moving far! I promise I'll be better with updates if only to tell you about the expansion! Feel free to email me a picture of your pet. Feel free to email me if email is the only way you get updates and you want updates! Feel free to email me if you're bored. (Maybe I'll even respond to a few of you!) Thanks for being awesome, Ashley

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